Corey Seulean Thoughts On Weld County Republican Assembly & Caucus Process

As I See the Caucus/Assembly of Weld County

This is Corey Seulean, candidate for State House District 63. I would like to share with you my observations of the Caucus/Assembly process in Weld County. Of course, I am only speaking of the Republican side of things as I have not participated at all in the democrat side.

In general, I believe the Caucus/Assembly process in its purest form is good and a great way for people in our communities to participate in local and state-wide elections. However, that is not what we have! What I saw happening is a handful of people who are powerful and very influential take control of the process by manipulation, deceit and simply put dirty politics. I saw politicians collaborate with a candidate for the purpose of shutting out a candidate they did not like. I saw special interest groups with money and a tremendous data base of emails and addresses overwhelm the people of this county with lies and slander and deceit.

Because of the Coronavirus Outbreak, things were drastically different than normal years. I do not believe things were done on purpose to manipulate the process, but it ended up that way. There were politicians/candidates who touted the “Caucus or Bust” ideology who said if they could not garner 30% of the people’s votes, they did not deserve to be in office. What was so shallow with most of that was if NOBODY would be opposing them at Caucus/ Assembly, they would get 100% of the vote anyway. To me, that came across as gutless and weak!

My race, HD63, was the only contested race at Caucus/Assembly. There was no honorable sportsmanship or even playing field or fairness that went into the weeks of the process. I saw the “good ole gals club” band together and do whatever they thought necessary to push out a legitimate threat to their continued corruption and power. I was shocked at those politicians and activists who claimed to be Christian act in such un Christlike behavior. I honestly thought I was among liberal democrats!

Looking back on it now, I understand why so many candidates decided to petition their way on to the ballot. They were maligned and defamed by the “Caucus or Bust” crowd but what they did was not morally wrong or evil. They were not bypassing the will of the people but simply wanted to avoid the corruption that is so broad and so deep. I regret not doing the same myself.

In the end, what should always happen is that every candidate who desires to serve their state and the people of a district should have the opportunity to present themselves to the voters and allow them the opportunity to decide who they feel would best represent them in politics. What we currently have as the district 63 representative is a “pseudo-queen pin politician” and a few activists who think they are gods and will decide for the rest of us who should represent us. The tactics that were employed were irresponsible, unethical and dirty politics. We deserve better as a county and we will not get a better result at the State Capitol and local politics until the good people of this county say enough is enough and demand changes.

I wish to help create this change and inform the people of our great county what is going on. I have decided to continue my race for State House District 63 as a write-in candidate and I will fight all the way until the end!

I ask you for your help. What I am attempting to do will take money and manpower. I need your help to spread the word to your friends and family especially those who live in HD 63. Together we can do this. Together we can change things in the greatest county in our state. We will make a difference and we will win!

Please go to my website at to give to my campaign. Please call me on my personal cell phone 720-938-1643 if you would like to help volunteer or if you have any questions. I will be in touch.

Thank you for your time and understanding. God bless you and God bless Colorado!

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