Protein is an important aspect of our daily diets. We consume protein in several different foods. A few examples of protein sources included, eggs, meats, nuts and legumes and poultry. Each protein source provides our body with nutrients. Meat protein provides the most zinc, poultry provides the most niacin and eggs provide a good amount of choline. Eggs are an easy source of protein and are able to fuel our bodies for a busy day ahead.

According to NHANES, children and adolescents ages 2- 18 years showed that consuming eggs have a greater intake of protein, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and total fat, vitamin D and potassium compared to non-egg consumers. We all know that there are several different ways to prepare eggs. Some of the most common ways to cook eggs include boiling, poaching, fried, scrambled and even baked. When eggs are cooked the protein becomes more digestible. Below are a few tips to cooking eggs in order to meet your protein needs.

• Season your eggs for more flavor

• Make quiche or egg pies to get kids more excited about eggs and incorporate vegetables.

• Experiment with each cooking method.

• Combine eggs with vegetables

o This method often adds extra fiber and vitamins to your eggs

• Choose low calorie cooking methods

o Poached or boiled eggs are the best choice when looking at calories.

• Don’t overcook eggs

o The longer and hotter you cook eggs the more nutrients you can lose.

Overall, when looking for a good source of protein eggs are always a good option. Eggs have great nutrient value, are easy to cook and loved by many. Not only are you able to cook eggs several different ways but you are also able to enjoy there nutrient value in each cooking method. Eggs are a great source of powerful protein and other nutrients.

Source: Nutrition Close Up.2019 “Protein Foods from a Variety of Sources Contribute to Nutrient Adequacy.” Egg Nutrition Center.

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