Kristie Melendez, Candidate for Weld County Commissioner District 1

Kristie Melendez, Candidate for Weld County Commissioner District 1

The past several months have been difficult for all of us, especially for those who value our freedoms and liberties amidst increasing government intrusion. Like you, I’m worried about the future of Weld County.

As a fourth generation Weld County resident, I’m proud to support oil & gas, the Right to Farm, and the 2nd Amendment. Our faith, family and freedom are values I’ll champion to ensure a Conservative Weld County for generations to come!

I believe we must enable job creation, develop a solid recovery plan, and find ways to help local business and impacted industries sustain our economy. I vow to champion all this and more as your Weld County Commissioner for District 1, while remaining fiscally responsible.

We are “Weld Proud” and we will rise above this!

During my 10 years on the Windsor Town Board and as Mayor, I was successful in delivering the following transportation improvements: I-25 expansion, Weld County Road 23, Crossroads and the 392 corridor. I  also started a regional water task force working towards a multi-jurisdictional plan for water storage and treatment and solidified our police and fire department’s needs to preform safely and adequately. In my tenure, over $15M in economic development tax incentives were issued opening dozens of new businesses and employer-based manufacturing companies while major improvements to the historic Windsor downtown area were made and the Windsor Mill was revitalized. Transportation, infrastructure, water, job creation and economic development will continue to be the top priorities I will focus on as we recover.

We must also remember that our country has persevered through many difficult times in our 244-year existence and will weather this storm too. We will emerge again as the most resilient and successful County in the nation.

We are a Republic, with freedoms and liberties outlined in law and given by God, the U.S. Constitution, the Colorado Constitution and the Weld County Charter.

These freedoms and liberties we hold so dear must remain protected, especially in times like we face now.

I know and recognize these are difficult times but want to assure you that I will work hard to “Make Weld Great Again” now and in the years to come!

I would be grateful for your confidence, trust and your vote!

Blessings and safe keeping as we move forward to RECOVER WELD!

Kristie Melendez, Candidate for Weld County Commissioner District 1 . . Call or Text 970-215-5495

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