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People running for office should really attempt to represent the people in the district they are running to represent. Somebody should explain that to Lori Saine! It is fine to belong to a political party and stand for the values that party represents or claims to represent. Weld County Commissioner District 3 has suffered from a lack of good representation at the County Board of Commissioners, as the past two years Commissioner Kirkmeyer seems to have been more focused on running for her next position. If you do not think so, re-read the press releases from the Weld County Communications Office and check to see how many reflect District 3 efforts as opposed to northern Colorado interests, particularly Larimer County and northern Weld County. Is Lori Saine trying to establish herself as the new Barbara Kirkmeyer, the dominate BOCC member? Well she certainly is a strong-willed person, some would say that reflects more of being a bully, but Barbara Kirkmeyer was more than that. She is smart and knowledgeable, neither of which qualities have I heard anybody attribute to Lori Saine.

The, still in effect, Johnson Act of 1954 exposes all 501 ( c ) (3) nonprofits, including churches, to potential loss of their tax-exempt status if they either endorse or oppose political candidates. In today’s world of sophisticated telephonic devices, whether we like it or not, one should be careful and recognize that all meetings, no-matter how secret and secure people think they are, are subject to potential recording either by sound or video.

Is Lori Saine trying to take control of the inner workings of the shadow Weld County Republican Party? Please! Corey Seulean ran for office because he believed it was the right thing to do. His 113 votes did not decide the House District 63 election. This is America, and he has a right to do that! Pat Miller was a flawed candidate, remarkably similar to Lori Saine. Dan Woog won the Republican nomination because he campaigned to represent the people. Blaming Corey Seulean for Pat Miller losing appears to be more than a little vindictive. Lori Saine should be trying to focus on learning what the people of District 3 would like to see accomplished. Oh, I forgot, she knows exactly what to do. Just ask the Greeley Republicans shadow group! The majority of District 3 Republican primary voters did not support Lori Saine. Doesn’t that say something ? Does she really understand that or care? On the surface, it appears she is working towards expanding her role in the inner circle of the Weld County shadow Republican Party, which means the greater Greeley area focused group. The people of District 3 deserve representation that has their interests at heart. They deserve a candidate who will be their advocate. Lori Saine has to decide what and who she really is trying to represent. The voters of District 3, all the voters, will decide if she deserves their vote. If she cannot clearly make the decision and effectively communicate that to the voters as to who she will represent, then she should withdraw from the race. The people of BOCC District 3 deserve a clear understanding of what their elected representative is going to accomplish for them. That should impact who they vote for, not whether they are a Republican or Democrat.

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