John Damsma for Firestone Trustee

John Damsma for Firestone Trustee

I have been a resident of Firestone since 2008 and I currently reside in the Barefoot Lakes subdivision. I served our great country in the Air Force and, after a career at UPS, I retired. Having the time available to dedicate to various civic activities has been so valuable in allowing me to “Give Back” to our community.

You might have had the occasion to meet me while you have been out and about in the Town of Firestone and the Carbon Valley. That’s because I have served the citizens in various ways since 2008. I was on the Stoneridge HOA for many years and helped the HOA transform from a developer led organization to a homeowner led organization. Desiring to contribute to the entire Firestone community, I became a member of the Firestone Parks, Trails and Recreation Advisory Board. Later, I was appointed to the honorable position of Firestone Trustee in 2016 and served in that position until April of 2018. Currently, I am a Firestone Planning and Zoning Commissioner and a Director of the Firestone Finance Authority. I serve on the High Plains Library District Board of Trustees representing the Firestone, Frederick and Erie communities.

My civic activities provided me with a sound foundation for working well with others and forward looking decision making. The future is what a Trustee is expected to anticipate as our community changes in size and diversity. Mass transportation, affordable housing, even better schools, recreation facilities, smart business development and a modern infrastructure are all vitally important to the development plans for the Town and the Carbon Valley.

Most importantly, as your Trustee, I must be in tune with the citizens I represent. Communication with you is crucial in developing plans which appropriately meet the needs of our community.

Serving you as Trustee will be an honor and I ask for your vote.

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