Mike Welch

We Need Respectability and Vision from the Commissioners

When I was working in the oil fields in and around Platteville for Schlumberger as a Field Engineer, I was completely unaware of the Wattenberg Field’s importance to Colorado and Weld County in particular, to a young man, it appeared to be like most other oil producing areas in the Western United States. I didn’t understand that the wealth that it was bringing and had brought to Northern Colorado had fueled a lethargy and inertia in local politics that continues today.

Hard decisions could be put off and tax revenue squandered for the benefit of politicians who held dreams of higher and higher political posts. Rather than realize that producible oil and natural gas were a finite resource and a temporary windfall, they invested in schemes that benefited a select few of their sponsors and left the environmental and financial pitfalls to future generations. They chased dreams of a 51st state and sale of the Ambulance services because it made “financial” sense, but ignored the loss of tax revenue. Falling tax revenues from Direct County mill levies were replaced by taxes from Special Districts which are controlled by a for profit developer. Imagine that tax dollars not in control of an elected body but in the hands of an appointed for profit corporation!

I could go on, and on, about the 2nd Amendment and how important it is to all of America or how much pro-life means to me as a candidate, but if you want to be honest those positions HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO with the job of County Commissioner. They just sound good for a vote seeking carpet-bagging, job hopping politician.

I want accountability and a thoughtful vision for the county which includes well-constructed roads, maximum investment from state level and a future of potable water that NISP (Northern Integrated Supply Project) will provide. I want Lochbuie, Firestone, Frederick, Dacono, Erie, Fort Lupton and Platteville to be heard as much as the Greeley.

Join me in calling upon the Weld County Commissioners for respectability and vision for the future. Ask our County Commissioners to stop making taxation, gerrymandering and politically beneficial (to themselves) decisions and instead offer the necessary, meaningful support Weld communities need for a real future. I need your support and ask for your vote this coming November.

Michael Welch

Weld County Commissioner #3 Candidate

Weld County Resident

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