Dan Woog announced his candidacy for State House Representative in House District 63

Dan Woog announced his candidacy for State House Representative in House District 63

If there is one thing I’ve learned from meeting so many hard working people in House District 63, it’s that they are unhappy and down right angry at Colorado’s governor and huge socialist bureaucracy for stripping us from so many of our God given rights. Whether it’s the Red Flag Law, stealing property rights from the Oil and Gas industry, or forcing people to stay away from each other whether it be church congregations, businesses or even family time outdoors due to a virus. All of the aforementioned enforcements are completely unconstitutional. As a business owner and recent Trustee for the Town of Erie, it has become very apparent to me brazen and arrogant attitude from so many of our Democrat elected officials. It is time we put a stop to this and we must do it NOW!

As you know, Weld County is an integral County for our Great State in many ways and the economic benefits are second to none. The Oil and Gas industry and agriculture industry has been a blessing and a boon to our economy for many years. As Jared goes after these industries, there is only one direction for our taxes and costs of living to go. Up, Up, Up! Rather than being ashamed and embarrassed(as so many democratic officials attempt to make us feel) we should be loud and proud about what these industries and hard workers provide for our families and for our way of life. If is unacceptable for our State Governor to attack or mock these vital jobs that truly drive Weld County and our State.

The false narratives that have been spewed from the mouths of so many politicians(including in my Town of Erie), is nothing less than revolting. We have a Governor who dictates voters by instilling fear under false pretenses. He has zero respect for Weld County, zero respect for its phenomenal economy, and zero respect for you, the fabric that keeps Weld County strong. Whether it’s Erie, Fort Lupton, New Raymer or Kersey, the false left wing narrative is undeniable. We must defend our Great Country and State from this socialist onslaught! It is time we stand up to this tyrannical form of rule from Polis and the Democrats. It is time we put a STOP to socialism in Colorado, it is time to TAKE BACK OUR STATE!

Please support me in this upcoming primary for Representative of House District 63. As a proven strong Conservative fighter who will do everything possible to keep our Constitution at the forefront of every decision, I ask for your vote. Thank you and God Bless.

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