By Corey Seulean

I am speaking to defend the truth. I could not care less about what people who are liars, crooked, deceitful, manipulative and bullies think about me.

On 8-18-20, at the Weld GOP Executive Committee, unfounded accusations were made against me with little to no investigation at all. As I listened via Zoom, I heard Pat Miller rant and rave about why she lost the primary and accused me of attacking her and lying about her. I ran the cleanest campaign that Weld county has seen possibly in years/decades. She won the caucus, shut me out and received top line on the ballot and yet I was accused of being one of the reasons she lost her campaign???

Then, Corey Hale stated in his District Captain’s Report that he filed a complaint to the Secretary of State’s office that I committed “election fraud.” When Chairman Sander asked if Mr. Hale wanted to elaborate, he declined. What??? He accused me of “election fraud” in front of the committee and not only did he not explain himself but he never even one time called me! What kind of investigation did he do to determine that I committed “election fraud?” He just listened to the gripes of Pat Miller and Lori Saine and yielded himself as their puppet and tarnished his integrity while doing so. His character must be nonexistent if he will take such steps without even speaking to me about the allegations. He does not deserve to be a District Captain!

I have read the complaint and it is full of assumptions that are just not true. Someone who has an agenda fed him these lies. Someone probably wrote the complaint for him and just asked him to sign it to keep their hands off it. I know the truth!

I never committed election fraud as Lori Saine, Pat Miller and Corey Hale have claimed that I did. I did not cross out any names and I did not add my name. I received a phone call from Lorna Sherwood about certain delegates who were not available to attend the district assembly. She said to me that they could not be delegates and that they needed to be replaced. I said ok, not knowing anything about it. She crossed their names out, along with Alt #2, and wrote my name in. I offered to call the couple to inform them that I was told that they could not be delegates for the district assembly. They were never signed up to be delegates for the county assembly in the first place. They could not vote for Pat Miller even if they wanted to. They could only vote for the SD23 race which was between Rupert Parchment and Barbara Kirkmeyer. I do not think that Lorna knowingly did anything wrong. However, it should be crystal clear that I committed no such election fraud!

To insinuate that I did anything wrong to help my race against Pat Miller is ludicrous. I ended up being shut out for the ballot. Pat got what she wanted, and nobody interfered with her position on the ballot and my name never even made it on the ballot.

I entered politics as a strong conservative voice while also being a pastor. I thought the conservative base would welcome such a voice. I was wrong! When certain people found out that they could not control me, they engaged in underhanded politics to get me out and to attack my name and my family. Lori Saine is nothing more than a “schoolyard bully” and will resort to any tactic to get her way. Her cohort, Christy Rodriguez, will stoop to any level and manipulate events and circumstances to favor Lori Saine and her constituents. I am convinced that there is no low to which she would not go. They secured the services of Timothy Phippard and Corey Hale and others to do their work for them. I was lied about, threatened, bullied, and maligned from those within my own party all for political expediency. The Republican Party so-called elites in Weld County are corrupt and far worse than I ever thought them to be.

On Thursday August 20th, a meeting of so-called “Christian Republicans” met at a so-called “Christian” church to discuss the future of Weld County politics. They were not representative of Christian behavior in any way in this meeting! In that meeting, Lori Saine allegedly stated that my son, Benjamin, had no right to be a part of anything political in Weld County, or Colorado for that matter. She has participated in spreading untruths about my son and does not care about whose lives she hurts in the process. She demanded that my son not attend the meeting and everyone in attendance acquiesced to her demand and nobody stood up to her. People are afraid to stand up to her bullying tactics and they simply go along with her “queen pin” approach to Weld County politics. Does anybody honestly think that any one person should be able to decide who can participate in politics? Enough is enough! Things have got to change, or we are no better than the liberal Democrats in how they behave and treat people.

I am standing up to this power hungry, anything goes, no accountability, corrupt, and evil approach to politics in Weld County. These kinds of political tactics are why our state is horribly blue and socialist. We must be better than this or we will never change Colorado politics!

I sincerely hoped to make a difference at the State Capitol for the people of Weld County and to give people hope that politics can change for the better. I am now left to wonder if it will ever really get better at all. As long as power hungry, manipulative, corrupt, evil people are in charge, very little will ever change.

I pray that the people of Weld county will have their eyes opened and will have discernment in future elections to vote good representatives into office. To be frank, this is embarrassing, and, in my eyes, our party has just as much blame for the state of politics in Colorado as do the Democrats!

The TRUTH will always come out sooner or later and it will always have its say! Let’s be more representative of Christian/Conservative values or we will continue to go in the wrong direction as a county and state party.

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